1. Capable of being sustained.
  2. Capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment: sustainable agriculture.
sustainability sus·tain'a·bil'i·ty n .


Mission Statement

Something we use to say as Shoulder High Productions was “We are dedicated to holding up a mirror to the world and providing tools for communication, understanding, and hope.” This is even more true now for SMP and our new mission at Sustainability Media Productions is simply to tell stories of cultural and environmental sustainability. Just like our parent SHP, we aim to create exciting and innovative media while providing exceptional service to our clients and partners. We pride ourselves on focusing on story and quality of image first, while continually researching and implementing the most cutting edge technology the industry has to offer.


Chris Baldwin in action Established in 1998, Shoulder High Productions serves a wide range of clients with an even wider range of stories. Over this amount of time SHP has worked on Award winning, fictional Short Films, international wildlife documentaries, corporate communications for the Silicon Valley’s leading companies, and video podcasts for many of the non-profits in our community. Our tag line for our first 10 years was “Media of the World, For the World” and we set as mission to work on projects that aimed to make the world a better place.

Given this wide range of clients and stories though, we have decided to form two companies to better highlight our specific focuses and services. Launched in 2008, Sustainability Media Productions is now the new Green Division of Shoulder High Productions. Shoulder High Productions has therefore reoriented itself as a full service, content neutral, media production company. SHP will hold onto our tag line though as we are still creating “Media of the World, For the World.” It is then Sustainability Media Productions’ charter to serve our clients and partners who are “Telling Stories of Cultural and Environmental Sustainability.”