Inspiring Production Tells the Tale of Three Astronauts

Posted on Tuesday September 29, 02009

Space Travel is as much about a journey to the heavens as it is about a journey into our imagination.  A friend of Sustainability Media produced this piece which we found extremely inspiring.  And after filming for a week at the 11'000 foot high location for the Long Now Foundation's Clock of the Long Now in Eastern Nevada, we have a lot of respect for the logistics involved in this piece.

Space Stories

Sustainability Media is about to premiere a short film for the Long Now Foundation on their recent visit to the clock site near Great Basin National Park.  You can see this short at the next Seminar About Long-term Thinking on October 9th, 02009 at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.  It just so happens this is also the awaited presentation by Long Now Foundation board member, Stewart Brand, as he attempts to "rethink green."  Tickets go fast so visit soon, or you can watch the video online at if you join their membership.



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