Live Webinar TODAY! New X Prize with Cisco to Save the Planet!

Posted on Tuesday April 20, 02010

X Prize and Cisco to Save the Planet!

There is a Live Webinar to listen to the launching of the next X Prize today at 2:00pm PST.  Sign up here!

X PRIZE Foundation is pleased to announce that Cisco is the Presenting Sponsor of the Energy and Environment Prize Group. The goal of the partnership is to generate breakthroughs in climate change, water resource management, energy distribution and storage, clean energy, and energy efficiency/use.

Cisco Smart Grid and the X Prize

Areas of Interest for the Energy & Environment Prize Group:

  • Climate Change: CO2 utilization/sequestration, ocean acidification, forest conservation, forest carbon measurement, emissions, climate modeling
  • Water Resource Management: watershed, sewage, conservation, desalination
  • Energy Distribution & Storage: transmission and distribution (e.g. smart grid), storage (grid level, end user, community), monitoring and measurement
  • Clean Energy: solar/PV, wind, geothermal, hydro, tidal, biofuels
  • Energy Efficiency/Use: smart buildings, transportation, command


Sustainability Media filmed X Prize Foundation Founder, Peter Diamandis back in September of 2008 for the Long Now Foundation's Seminars About Long-term Thinking .

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