40 years of the Modern Environmental Movement in 4 Minutes

Posted on Wednesday April 21, 02010

Here's a fun and quick animated video recounting the last 40 years of the modern environmental movement.  Don't worry it is only 4 minutes and while entertaining, it is a useful refresher course in case you missed part of it.

Of course I say the modern environmental movement because long before we even knew about dangerous chemicals and pollutants there were pioneers who spent their life trying to instill an ethos of stewardship, respect and celebration of the natural world:  Aldo Leopold , President Theodore Roosevelt , Henry David Thoreau , John Muir , George Perkins Marsh, Ansel Adams to name just a few.

Modern environmentalist, Paul Hawken, gave a talk at the Long Now Foundation entitled “The New Great Transformation.” In it he describes the future of the environmental movement and it is quite inspiring.


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