For Every Cause... An App! Check Out "CauseWorld" and Save the World!

Posted on Thursday February 4, 02010

Cause World - An App to Save the World 2

Today we filmed a promo for an amazing new company called CauseWorld.

This is one of those moments when you see technology and social trends meet in perfect harmony. And get this...Its for a good cause!

CauseWorld is a free App downloadable for the iPhone or Android phones that lets you earn "Karma Points" when you visit actual stores and businesses.  Your GPS phone lets you choose to tell CauseWorld when you're in a participating store or business.  When you acure enough Karma Points you can redeem them as an actual donation to a charity of your choice.  Citi picks up the bill on your behalf.  So all you have to do is tell CauseWorld I just had a fair-trade, shade-grown, organic latte and bought a some 100% post-recylced toilet paper and boom you've saved the Rainforest, helped fund relief in Haiti or sent text books to underfunded schools!  The charity is your choice!

Of course this is all instantly updatable to your Facebook or Twitter feeds and competition amongst your peers is encouraged!

Seriously I think this is a great combination of technology and an effort to help make saving the world a little easier.

So go Sign up already!  Just remember you heard it here at Sustainability Media first!

Cause World - An App to Save the World Cause World - An App to Save the World

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