New Data About Rising Sea Levels and the new NOAA Climate Portal

Posted on Monday February 22, 02010

New Data about Rising Sea Levels.

Even the new conservative models about rising sea levels is cause for more than just concern.  The above graph assembled by David McCandless and appears in his book The Visual Miscellaneum .

The key sources are Sea Level Rise Explorer , studies from the Potsdam Institute (PDF) and reports from the IPCC Report (2001 - the most conservative one).

NOAA Climate Portal

I also just learned a few days ago about The NOAA Climate Portal. which has been put together to expedite the exchange and utilization of Climate related research data.

With handy easy to use tools like the NOAA Global Climate Dashboard I anticipate Sustainability Media will be going to this website frequently to look over the scientific community's shoulder and see where we are heading.

NOAA Global Climate Dashboard


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