Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles are about to go mainstream. Thanks CalCars!

Posted on Wednesday February 24, 02010

Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles are about to go mainstream thanks in large part to the dedication of an amazing group of volunteers at !

Sustainability Media has been helping Felix Kramer, founder of, for years now ever since we filmed a conversion of a Prius into a PHEV Prius which would then get 100+MPG! The video was put on TreeHuggerTV and CurrentTV.

A PHEV is not the end solution we are all hoping for to end our dependency on the fossil fuel economy and do our part to curb our CO2 output, but the point that CalCars proves is that with today's technology a solution in ready to make a massively significant contribution to these goals.  From our work with Bill McKibben and (which you can view at the California Academy of Sciences )we know that we must get the global parts per million of Carbon Dioxide to under 350ppm as quickly as we can.  As the new green economy begins to come online the PHEV is ready today to make a giant leap forward.

Listen to Felix Kramer's chronicle of his foundation's journey here at the Big Think.  Sustainability Media is proud to be a partner of and we salute the victories on our doorstep.



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