Is 3D TV About to Make Its Debut?

Posted on Monday January 11, 02010

Technology sure keeps on moving doesn't it?  Still don't know why then our national automative fleet is still getting below 30mpg fuel economy, but at least the day of 3D television programming is just around the corner.

Avatar was certainly a technological breakthrough, but will it lead the way to a cultural breakthrough?

ESPN and Discovery Channel think so.

Live 3D Sports

I've had the ability to film promotional videos on these upcoming home 3D television sets and while I'm impressed with the sets that produce the effect WITHOUT wearing glasses, I don't think I'll be tuning into anything other than special events while wearing glasses at home.  3D football and nature documentaries are exactly what I would want to see in 3D though.  But more importantly for me I'm wondering if 3D will translate to video over the web?  I don't see why not as I guess I could put on glasses or deal with limited viewing angles for the glasses-less lcd's for short video content over the web.  It looks like companies like Panasonic are even modifying current cameras to accomplish the techno wizardry.  Bottom line, Shoulder High Productions and Sustainability Media are interested in meeting the needs of our clients and just in case the demand starts to pick up, we are doing our homework and learning the craft of 3D storytelling and media creation.  We look forward to the process of evolving with our client's needs and imaginations.

3D Panasonic Camcorder

I'll let you know when I turn into 1950's superhero 3D Man!

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