From Cooking Naked to Saving America from Eating Ourselves to Death!

Posted on Friday March 26, 02010

Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver's new show "Food Revolution" premiers tonight on ABC. This is a series about trying to change the eating habits and education level of food and nutrition in America. This is not just a weight loss show.  This is about the future health and well being of our country.  Please watch or put it into your DVR schedule asap!

And while you're reading take a look at Jamie's petition to improve the foods and cooking skills of our kids in our school system.


Here's what's happening from the top down.  Click this link to learn about First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign to work on the issues surrounding childhood obesity in America.

Lastly, did you know Sustainability Media filmed a seminar with Michael Pollan at the Long Now Foundation entitled: "Deep Agriculture"?

This is a great talk which explains the history of agriculture in America and shows us why we need to reclaim control of what we're eating.


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