Sign the Repower America Petition: We Got Next! - A Clean Energy Bill

Posted on Friday March 26, 02010

Repower America


Tell our Senators: We got next!

President Obama made history by signing comprehensive health care reform into law. This is a game changer­ and it's our big chance to seize the momentum that Congress is feeling.

That's why we have to act right now to pass a strong clean energy and climate bill in the Senate.

Build support for the bipartisan effort on clean energy. Join our movement now in standing up and saying: "We got next."

Sign the petition and we'll deliver your message to your Senators later this week.

Watch President Obama call for a Clean Energy Bill:

Do you want to learn more about why and how this is so important?  Read Al Gore's book "Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis"

Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis


Also you can watch a video we shot for the Long Now Foundation by Saul Griffith entitled "Climate Change Recalculated." In this talk Griffith describes a place called "Renewistan," a country run by 100% renewable energy, and what would be needed to Green the economies of the world.  Its fascinating stuff!


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