The Sound of Our Universe

Posted on Wednesday March 31, 02010

Sometimes infographics aren't quite enough.  I know you never thought you'd hear me say that, but it's true.

Sometimes we need more senses to experience something properly...fully.

Created by White Vinyl Design , this is a wonderfully distilled expression of the motion and sound of the major bodies in our Universe.

I've let this play on my computer now for a few days and taken time to listen to it passively and quite intently.  Sometimes I wait for Pluto to cycle a full orbit and other times I watch the curious visual rhythms of our celestial music box play out.  It got really cool when I accidentally had two computers playing this at the same time!

There is something mesmerizing about experiencing the larger sense of time and place around us like this.  Enjoy! (click the picture below to start)

Solar Beat

We also invite you to check in with our partners at the Long Now Foundation for similar meditations on humanity's relationship with time and place.

The Clock of the Long Now

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