Drives a Victory Lap in the new Chevy Volt

Posted on Wednesday February 23, 02011

After 10 years of grassroots advocacy, garage based engineering and dreams of saving the earth, Felix Kramer and Ron Gremban of celebrate with Dr. Andy Frank as they receive their Chevy Volts.  This was a major accomplishment because it marked the end of their initial campaign at Calcars. First to prove to the Auto Industry that Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles were not only possible using today's readily available technology, but that the American public wanted this technology and secondly to see a major auto company mass produce a PHEV.  Well the proof of all their hard work is finally now available.  GM's Chevy Volt is an extended range PHEV and according to Dr. Andy Frank, his new Chevy Volt drives and operates exactly like his initial ideas 25 years ago.  Congratulations to Felix, Ron and Andy and the rest of the community that has fought and striven against all odds to see this day.  And here's to the next goal: Establishing a business model and best practices for the mass conversion of the millions of non electrified vehicles on America's roads today to PHEV's.  Learn more at

CalCars ChevyVolt 2011 from Shoulder High Productions, LLC on Vimeo. Ron Felix and Andy

Chevy Volt Decal

Chevy Volt Plug



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BLOG UPDATE:  March 2nd, 2011

Take action today and send a message to President Obama urging him to follow through on his pledge to support EV's and PHEV's in the marketplace.  He needs our support to realize this vision. Click the picture below to share your support the Sierra Club's campaign!

Sierra Club EV Campaign



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