Where Do Greenhouse Gasses Come From???

Posted on Wednesday July 27, 02011

Plenty of people today know about Global Warming and its adverse effects for both us and the planet we call home, but many ask what can I do about it?  The best thing to do is stay informed.  Knowing where emissions contribute to this problem is the first part of the battle in being able to empower yourself towards lasting change.  Thankfully, the United Nations Environmental Programme has come up with this fascinating info-graphic to break it all down for us.

UN Environmental Programme Greenhouse Gas Emissions Chart

It shows you exactly what kind of emission is caused by which sectors and what uses or activities cause these emissions to be released into our atmosphere.  You'll note that the Energy sector takes up the biggest segment of this flow chart.   No real surprise there, but the question becomes how do we combat this in creative ways that allow us as citizens to make an impact on Climate Change?  

A very important part of this ongoing process is to remind our government that we support initiatives which foster environmental awareness and action.  Petitioning your local, Statewide, and Nationally elected officials to push for renewal energy resource production is something that needs to happen now more than ever.  While we wait on the political process to shift, there's a lot we can do now by employing simple strategies.  Starting with local businesses and building owners serves a dual purpose.  For one, it benefits the business as it would cut down on their energy usage.  For another, it helps you stay actively involved in the fight against Climate Change on a local level.

A great idea for how to achieve this goal comes to us from Project Rooftop.

Project Rooftop Small Breakdown

Project Rooftop proposes that if we were to paint every rooftop in urbanized areas white, instead of black which traps heat, smog, and spikes energy usage, we would be able to do away with an entire year's worth of CO2 emissions for our planet.  That's environmental ingenuity in action.   To find out more about Project Rooftop, adopt a roof, or volunteer to get painting in your neighborhood, you can sign up here: http://www.whiteroofproject.com/volunteer-now/

Maybe you know of a building in your neighbor that would be interested in a little lift for it's rooftop color.  If it's in the Bay Area, and the building owner is game, perhaps we'll come out and film the process to document how you became an agent for lasting environmental change.

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