Mary Catherine Bateson suggests we view the Earth as Our Child not Mother

Posted on Tuesday March 15, 02011


At the February Seminar About Long-term Thinking hosted by the Long Now Foundation, Mary Catherine Bateson suggested many exceptional paradigm shifts and observations on living more deeply as we age.  An early comment she made that resonates still for me came after she posed a light hearted rhetorical question to the audience asking if we thought we'd be "wise" when we got older.  Her response was very motivating.

"We all say 'experience' is the best teacher, but only if you do your homework. And the homework for the teacher called experience is reflection...and we put that off."  If you would like some help reflecting about you can watch the clip below.

Catherine Bateson - Chapter 11

However the most ground-shaking concept she shared with us in my opinion was her challenge to consider thinking of the Earth as our child rather than our mother.  She proposed this chiefly because of her reflections upon how we in America actively and passively treat the elderly.  It was a powerful moment and significant thought.  I encourage you to watch the clip below to hear it for yourself.

Catherine Bateson - Chapter 8

The Seminars About Long-term Thinking are organized by the Long Now Foundation.  You can join and listen live each month in San Francisco or online where ever you are in the world. Click below for more!

The Long Now Foundation Seminars About Long-term Thinking

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