Rhino Activists Charge: Effecting Global Change Through Education

Posted on Monday February 25, 02013

White Rhino

This winter Sustainability Media was able to attend and tape an educational talk given by Rhishja Cota-Larson, the founder of Saving Rhinos.  Saving Rhinos is a group dedicated to education and outreach to stop the illegal trade of Rhino horn.  Saving Rhinos was launched in 2007 in an effort to expand awareness and education about the plight of Rhinos the world over being hunted to the brink of extinction in order to harvest their horns and smuggle them into the black market for various mythological medicinal uses as well as the status symbols associated with Rhino horn. Saving Rhinos has several outreach resources online to reference, such as 

Saving Rhinos Website

In addition, Rhishja has authored a book on the Rhino crisis, Murder, Myths, and Medicine.  The book is a written compendium of the plight of the world's Rhino population as these noble beasts are hunted for the harvest of their horns, smuggled live across borders away from their native habitats, and the devastating impact the illegal trade of their horns and other body parts has on the world's Rhino population and health.  

Murder, Myths, and Medicine

You can buy a copy of the book Murder, Myths, and Medicine here

Additionally, Saving Rhinos has undertaken the production of a documentary on the Rhino crisis called "The Price."  View is the trailer for this bold and inspired documentary aimed at saving Rhinos from cruel and inhumane treatment the world over.


The Price- Trailer from matt fife: director on Vimeo.

Sustainability Media was delighted to film Rhishja's educational and informative talk about the Rhino crisis as it sheds light on the disastrous effects that poaching, game hunting, and illegal Rhino horn trade has had on both animal, human, and environmental populations.  Through traveling the world and giving educational lectures like the one Sustainability Media filmed here in the Bay Area, Saving Rhinos is bringing real time coverage and desperately needed signal boosting to the global effort to save Rhinos from extinction through human greed and illegal practices such as poaching and smuggling.  

Annamiticus Rhino Statistics Visual

But Saving Rhinos doesn't just limit its scope to educational talks and lectures here in the states.  Saving Rhinos has also teamed up with the global community to create and implement educational outreach and teaching programs in both areas where Rhino populations are endangered, as well as areas where Rhino horns are seeing the highest levels of illegal trade and smuggling.  Saving Rhinos is a group that is sincerely dedicated to the protection and service of these endangered animals, and their constant dedication shows in the amount of research they conduct, the efforts they employ to call attention to these issues through a variety of platforms, and calling for legal reforms to be built to further protect Rhinos and keep pressure by law enforcement on those who seek to poach and trade Rhino parts.  They have been largely successful in addressing these issues through constant publication of Rhino information and education through their many blogs over the internet,  educational outreach programs, and highlighting the struggles of law enforcement agencies to stop the illegal trade of poached animals and their parts. 

Rhino Facts

Saving Rhinos has not set their sights on the plight of only one animal population, but has expanded to decry the effects of large scale global poaching and illegal trade of many endangered animals.  In addition to spreading awareness about endangered Rhino populations, sister sites Annamiticus, Project Pangolin, and Behind the Schemes, update readers and animal activists to a variety of endangered species. 

Behind The Schemes Podcast

Behind the Schemes is a weekly blog and podcast dedicated to the educational spread of information on a variety of animals such as the African Lion, Pangolins, fresh water turtles, Polar Bears, Elephants, Sun Bears, and of course, Rhinos.  Truly, the podcasts and blog posts on Behind The Schemes are highly informative in the legal ramifications and real world efforts of wildlife converstationalists across the world.  In these podcasts experts on topics of endangered animal populations, global legalities and regulations on animal commodities trade, and wildlife conservation efforts are interviewed by Rhishja in an effort to offer an easily accessible platform to speak on these issues.  

If you have a chance to view a talk or lecture given by Saving Rhinos, or to support their efforts in wildlife conservation please do so.  In the meantime, we at Sustainability Media cannot wait to see "The Price" when it is completed and released and look forward to the good work Saving Rhinos and its affiliates continue to complete for the world's wildlife populations.  

Please support Saving Rhinos with donations if you feel moved by the information contained on their site so they can continue to help wildlife all over our planet.  

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