Cisco, Skoll and Sustainability Media

Posted on Tuesday May 28, 02013

Sustainability Media partnered with Cisco and shot in Halfmoon Bay to bring the efforts of the Skoll foundation to light. 
The Skoll foundation is a foundation dedicated to instilling and rewarding sustainabie and socially conscious buisness practices within today's enterperunial business world.  They fund projects and companies with grants and awards worldwide which are dedicated to furthering environmental, community based, and socially driven focuses in today's business world.  Cisco applauds the efforts of the Skoll foundation and wanted to showcase how it has paired up with Skoll via the use of its innovations in techonology to help further their cause. 

We employed a variety of shooting techniques and our gear to shoot a TV commercial to highlight Cisco's efforts to help SKOLL bring its mission to life.  On this shoot we utilized a minature helicopter with our Sony FS700 camera mounted within it to capture some of our fly over and fly through shots.  We also made use of our FS700 on our MTYGlide slider as well, and used both our RED lens and Zeiss Prime Lenses to capture crisp beautiful footage for this TV spot. 

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