The Big Here of the 10'000 year Clock

The Big Here of the Clock of the Long Now

5000 year old trees, 10,000 year clocks and 5 minutes of speedy time-lapse for The Long Now Foundation gives us the 2nd of the Long Now Foundation's Long Shorts, entitled "The Big Here of the 10'000 year Clock." Together with archiving the world's diversity of languages, and running the world famous Seminars About Long-term Thinking (SALT), The Long Now Foundation is also designing and constructing a gigantic mechanical clock that is designed to last 10'000 years.  Wow...exactly.  This video is a 5 minute short in their series of member created videos inspired by the foundation's lofty goals of inspiring both systemic and creative long-term thought.  The time-lapse footage takes us from the headquarters in San Francisco to the site of the Clock of the Long Now in Easter Nevada.  Reflections of what the foundation is all about and how volunteers, staff and board members feel about participating in the endeavor are shared as well.  Buckle up and for more about The Long Now Foundation, visit

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