Sustainability Media documents the new Transbay Transit Center construction

Posted on Wednesday August 26, 02009

Concept render of the new Trans Bay Terminal

Sustainability Media is proud to announce that we have begun creating an hour long documentary television program on San Francisco's new Transbay Transit Center.

aerial view of the new transit terminal center This documentary will tell the story of the history and the future of the public transportation infrastructure of the San Francisco Bay Area.  The centerpiece of this story will be the over 60 year journey to build the new Transbay Transit Center; a gigantic 3 block long work of art that will act as the new hub of all public transportation systems of San Francisco.  The TTC will also house the future High Speed Rail system which will allow travelers to zip between San Francisco and Los Angeles in just under 2 1/2 hours.

Our Logo The reason why this massive civic construction project is worthy of such attention by Sustainability Media is simple.  With the construction of this new terminal the San Francisco Bay Area is again taking on a visionary and pioneering role for the rest of the country's big cities to follow.  It is moving away from the congested, inefficient and polluting culture of individual automobile transportation and towards a culture of carefully orchestrated, efficient and more sustainable mass transit.  We are extremely excited to tell the story of a city that has overcome the grip of a dying transportation paradigm and is taking the steps to make its citizens leaders in a cause to curve the onslaught of man-made global climate change.

side view of new transbay terminal

Check out the webcam progress of the construction here

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