Conveyance VR

The California Academy of Sciences

The Academy's mission - to explore, explain and protect the natural world - extends to all corners of the institution; from a research expedition in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, to a teacher training program in a California classroom, to an interactive game on the museum exhibit floor. We've traveled with CAS scientists to such exciting destinations as Madagascar, Venezuela and the California Glaciers. Drop by the academy to see our work.

Long Now Foundation

The Long Now Foundation was established in 01996* to creatively foster long-term thinking and responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years. We have been creating media for the Long Now Foundation many years and it is one of the most rewarding organizations and mission's to work for. We've been creating a monthly seminar series, a 1/4 news magazine video program, and creating a documentary about their endeavors which will feature the construction of a clock that will run for 10,000 years!


URS Corporation offers a range of professional planning, engineering and architectural design, environmental, construction, and program and construction management services. With an established presence in major cities in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, URS serves the U.S. federal government, state and local government agencies and private-industry clients, including FORTUNE 500 companies worldwide.

Transbay Joint Powers Authority

Stanford University



The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

The History Channel

Golden Gate National Parks Convervancy

We helped the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy publicize a new documentary film about our National Parks by famed Documentary Filmmaker Ken Burns.

Whole Earth Films


DNA Direct


Northern California Grantmakers


Current TV

Modern Marvels

Treehugger TV



Sea Change Institute


CMD Agency

When CMD Agency come to town from Portland, Oregon we make sure it isn't raining and that all their needs for their production are taken care of. We hire the crew, scout the location with their producers, and provide them with beautiful imagery to serve their clients with. CMD are true professionals and it's a thrill to serve them and their clients.


Brighter Beginnings

Healthy, educated, and interconnected families make for strong communities and strong communities are far more culturally sustainable. Brighter Beginnings knows that to protect the health and well-being of children, they must care for the entire family-from partners to brothers and sisters to grandparents. Under the guidance of the Family Advocate, Brighter Beginnings surrounds the extended family with a compassionate circle of care.

Pulse of the Planet

When nationally syndicated radio program needed pristine sounds of the jungles of Madagascar, they came to Sustainability Media. We've filmed in many remote locations around the world and always make sure to record wild audio tracks just in case we need to help an audience really feel like they are in a special place and time.

Rebuilding Together

Act Now Productions

Well to be truthful, Act Now Productions is where I had my college internship. My time learning and being mentored from Adam Werbach remains a pivotal stage in my career development. I certainly learned from my time at Act Now that one can make a career after following one's passion and being guided by one's values.

ScienCentral News

ScienCentral News was one of the original clients of ours and we've been called upon by SCN ever since to create short news segments on breaking scientific news happening here in the bay area. We've met dozens of premier scientists in our own backyard some even Nobel Prize winners. You can see many of these videos on a channel we've creaeted of our work on Sustainability Media's youtube site.

The Salvation Army