Bay Area Ridge Trail Council seeks your support and your hiking shoes!

Posted on Tuesday February 9, 02010

Bay Area Ridge Trail Council
1007 General Kennedy Avenue, Suite 3
San Francisco, CA 94129-1405

Phone 415-561-2595
Fax 415-561-2599
Email us at:

As the pace of daily life grows more hectic, the Ridge Trail offers a special place where you can get away to revive and recharge your spirits while you walk, hike, run, bicycle, ride a horse, watch birds, or just enjoy the soaring vistas with family and friends. Our enjoyment today is possible thanks to a foresighted group of founders and the ongoing efforts of enthusiastic and effective advocates.

Almost twenty years ago, National Park Service Director William Penn Mott, Jr. envisioned a trail that would ring the San Francisco Bay, high on the ridge line. Although he only lived to see part of the trail completed, he inspired a dedicated grassroots effort that has made amazing progress.
Today, with over 300 miles of the Bay Area Ridge Trail route dedicated and permanently protected for use by the public,  Bay Area Ridge Trail Council is now striving to reach the goal of the 400th mile. The staff, board, and volunteers work every day to close gaps in the trail and create a continuous trail route for everyone to enjoy. They are also beginning to close "multi-use gaps" so that we can connect routes for equestrians and mountain bicyclists as well as hikers.

Support this green space initiative here and if you live outside the Bay Area take some time to see if you can support a local group trying to accomplish the same goal.

Bay Area Ridge Trail

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