Biofuels and the Governor

Posted on Wednesday January 13, 02010

When Governor Schwarzenegger planned a visit to Mountain View, California to tour the biofuel refinery & lab of Cobalt Biofuels , our friends at E-llusion Media asked Sustainability Media to come down and film the festivities.

Sustainability Media films Govenor Schwartzenegger at Cobalt Biofuels

Cobalt Technologies is the leader in commercializing biobutanol as a renewable fuel and chemical.  On January 13th, 2010, they formally launched its first facility and we filmed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Silicon Valley cleantech leaders taking a tour of the brand new facility. These high level endorsements were solid demonstrations of the importance of clean technology to the Califonria's future economic vitality.

“It is great companies like Cobalt that will help California meet our greenhouse gas reduction targets under AB 32 and our Low Carbon Fuel Standard,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “Cobalt shows us that what is good for the environment can also be good for the economy. In fact, within the next few years, Cobalt has plans to build an even larger plant that will create 1,300 permanent jobs. I want that plant and those jobs right here in California. That’s why, in my State of the State address, I announced a Jobs Initiative that we estimate could create 100,000 jobs with one piece of this proposal exempting the purchase of green-tech manufacturing equipment from the sales tax. This proposal will help California attract and retain green businesses and create the jobs of the future. I want every CEO, entrepreneur and innovator to know that if you’re investing in a cleaner future, California will invest in you.” -- read the whole press statement


Benefits of Cobalt Biobutanol

Most importantly Cobalt's Biobutanal is produced from a continuous fermentation of non-foodstock biomass.  They use readily available woody biomass which means our fuels don't compete with our food.  I'm proud to see innovation and entrepreneurial efforts here in Silicon Valley forging a cleaner and more prosperous future for our planet.

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