BBC offers Free Master Classes for Wildlife Photography

Posted on Tuesday March 23, 02010

BBC Wildlife Magazine

BBC Wildlife Magazine is offering free Master Photography Classes(downloadable pdf sheets with great tips, tricks and examples. )  Half of a great photo is being there and pushing the button at the right time.  So if you have a camera and the desire to take great photos that can help communicate about the many environmental and cultural issues needing attention in the world.  Take a quick study of these classes and I bet you'll learn more than just a thing or two! We'd love to see some of your work too!

The California Academy of Sciences

And if you're in Northern California, head over to the San Francisco California Academy of Sciences to see a few of Sustainability Media's wildlife and conservation video projects in Madagascar, Venezuela and more.

Here's a video we made with CAS Entomologist Dr. Brian Fisher back in 2003 in Madagascar entitled, "A Map to Save an Island ."

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