A Look at the Before, After and Behind the Scenes of a Great Video Shoot.

Posted on Monday April 18, 02011

It is a fairly regular occurrence that we show up to produce a video for one of our clients, with all intentions of making a beautiful looking image for them only to be led into a tiny room with white walls and a dry erase board on the wall.  Without the right tools and experience this can lead to a really compromised and uninspiring look for the final video.  However, take a look at the below set of images where we were empowered by our great clients at Silicon Valley Bank to use the right equipment for the job to make sure we got the best results possible.

SVB Interview space with no lighting or staging

SVB Interview Look #1 - 2011


In this next sequence we see another common problem which is just the opposite.  Another exciting startup company has hired us to create some video for them and we walk into a massive expanse of cubicles and very few people working in them yet.  Again Shoulder High Productions has the tools and the know how to make a great look in such a situation.

SVB Production Still - 2011

SVB Interview Look #2 - 2011

We used our Panasonic HPX3700 P2 Varicam camera which has a native 1920x1080 24p sensor to ensure the best possible HD AVCIntra100 codec and resolution.  We supplemented this beautiful camera with our Letus 35mm lens adapter and a set of Zeiss PL Mount CineStyle Prime Lenses.  The combination of these tools really makes sure we are ready to make a beautiful interview regardless of the environment we are given and we are always happy to have the opportunity to put them to use for your projects.

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