Meet Our New Canon C300! 1st production company in the Bay Area to have it!

Posted on Wednesday February 15, 02012

Canon Eos C300 EF Mount Camera

Thanks to our friends at Canon and Snader, Shoulder High Productions and Sustainability Media are the 1st production companies in the Bay Area have Canon's new Flagship Cinema Super 35mm CMOS HD Camera.

And wouldn't you know it we're shooting with it right away.  Stills and videos will be forthcoming as soon as possible but we're thrilled to be putting the L-Series Canon Lenses that we acquired for shooting with the Canon 5D MII to use on an actual production ready video camera.

The images we will be able to make with this light weight small form factor camera will blow you away and its the perfect camera for hand-held and ENG work as well as beautiful talking heads and landscapes.

What's all the hype about????   Until we get back from our first trip with it, we'll let Philip Bloom tell you allllllll about it.

Watch his short here.

Some Specs from Canon's Website

Canon C300 Dynamic Range and Sensor Size

That's all for now.  Gotta get to work!  But a full production report and story to come.  We look forward to helping your next production be an amazing success with the new Canon C300 and our other offerings.


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