Expand Your Knowledge: Canon C300 Simulator

Posted on Wednesday June 13, 02012

     Earlier this year Shoulder High Productions and Sustainability Media was proud to be the first production company in the Bay Area to aquire the Canon C300 Super 35mm CMOS HD Camera.  Added to our roster of gear for production and rental use we started shooting with it immeditaly and fell in love with it.  We cannot say enough about the features and range of use on this beautiful camera.  Providing large censor 35mm cinematic quality with cutting edge digital technology the Canon C300 is an impressive camera for a variety of projects.  Many of its features can seem daunting at first for a camera operator, but once researched they offer a bevy of settings and usability that make this camera a dream to work with for any type of project from documentary work, to movie quality cinematic shoots, to commercial use, and with our added new peripherals aquired from Able Cine this year, we were even able to expand its use into handheld ENG style for our clients.  

       But reading the camera's manual cover to cover doesn't often offer a camera operator or Director of Photography the hands on experience one needs to really get a feel for how best to use all the features built into the C300.  So Canon has come up with the C300 simulator.  We encourage all clients looking to rent our Canon C300 to take a spin on this simulator and see how Canon has paired a hands on experience to familiarize those curious about using the C300 without having to have the camera physically in their hands.  This tool is inexpendable when it comes to testing equipment and being able to be familiar with the user interface by the time you are on set and ready to roll.  But don't take Shoulder High's word for it, see for yourself below.

Canon C300 Simulator

The start of the simulator page will allow you to acess what settings and screen features show up when maniuplating the C300.

Canon C300 Simulator

Learn how to navigate by using the buttons and display as you would to select different settings. 

Canon C300 Simulator

Canon's C300 Simulator allows you to see where the buttons are located on the camera body to navigate through the on board features and settings within the camera. 

SHP Equipment Rental Estimate Generator

If interested in adding this great camera to a rental estimate please use our new online rental estimate generator and add lenses and lighting and grip accesories to make your production as great as possible!

Our Camera also come preloaded with eight unique scene files or picture profiles created by the engineering team at Abel Cine in Burbank, CA. You can read more about what's on them here by clicking the picture below.

Abel Cine C300 Scene Files

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