Map of Life -- Kind of like Facebook?

Posted on Friday May 18, 02012

Map of Life

Ok it is not exactly like Facebook, but it will help the biodiversity of your social network!  And its geotaggeed so now you can know where all your new non-human species friends are at!!! Holla!!!

BentWing Bat

Have you ever wondered if the Bentwing Bat lives near you???? The Map of Life website can give you the answer to this question and many more. Another great use for the Google Maps platform, The Map of Life lists virtually all of the vertebrate animals that can be found at any one point in the world.

"Users can either select a species and then see where it occurs, or they can select a location and then get a listing of almost all the mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles that can be found at that location – freshwater fish data is currently limited to North America. More features are in the works.

Information on the website was gathered from a variety of sources, such as museums, regional checklists, and the observations of both professional and amateur scientists."

 Where did they get their data?Type of Species Data

Sustainability Media went to Madagascar with world renown Entomologist Dr. Brian Fisher of the California Academy of Sciences back in 2003 to make a documentary about the research Dr. Fisher was conducting on the species richness and distriution of ants in Madagascar.  Aptly named this film was called "A Map to Save an Island" and here is a short 5 minute version to share the adventure.

Learn more about Dr. Fisher's work at


Want to learn more about the biodiversity of life on planet earth and ways to help preserve it? Visit E.O. Wilson's website by clicking below.

E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

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